Media Sales

Adobe, Shutterstock, Getty and more offer a wide variety of digital media available for advertising, sales, websites with a number of other industries finding uses to buy or lease the rights to digital media. 

I offer thousands of photos for this use. My work is available for lease or purchase under the guise of digital media use. I am flexible with long term leases and am willing to sell any of my pieces and relinquish all rights for a one-time fee. The prices for purchase vary depending on the historical sales of the photo. 

You can also find my work available on Getty, Shutterstock, iStock and Adobe.


Photo lease (180 day terms) - $250

Digital media purchase - $5000 (varies) (depending on historical sales)

* Leases are non-refundable upon completion of agreement 

* Digital media purchases are non-refundable 

* Erik Jay reserves the right to withdraw offer/terminate lease at any time for any reason

For any questions, please call or email by clicking on 'Contact' below.