About Erik

My first photography memories were watching my grandfather and Ansel Adams shoot landscape photography together, 

Their friendship and shoots afforded me a great deal of insight and advice as I grew into understanding the dynamics of securing an image. 

Life took its crazy turns and landed me in a sometimes bedridden state, leaving me so physically out of shape that photography was not an option. 

Years of battles ensued between nature and myself, resulting in surgeries and therapies. I just wanted to walk. 

Years went by and as medicine advanced, so did my health. I began to walk around again . I realized the depletion of my spirit and I knew there was one way to recapture the foundation I needed to rebuild. 

I picked up the camera again, after many years and left the old me in the dust. 

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I decided to use Sony equipment for reasons that fall under quality and sensors. 

Sony is the king of making large, full frame sensors, which is why I use a Sony A7RIII with a combination of G Master native lenses. 

Sony A7RIII with 150-600mm zoom.

Sony A7RIII with 150-600mm zoom.