palos verdes photographs

Palos Verdes, CA:

Palos Verdes is a rare gem located about 25 miles South of Los Angeles. Being a coastal property, it is a geological wonder riddled with traces of the past ranging from ancient civilizations to the golden era of the early part of the 20th century. 

Nature shows herself off 365 days a year and there is never a shortage of photography opportunities. 

As a lifelong local and professional photographer, I have captured some of the most beautiful moments since I have started this journey. 

Gloss and matte photo prints and metal are available. Sizes of each print vary based on cut and dimension. Gloss and matte photograph prices begin at $149. Metal prices begin at $279.  Shipping fees are added separately.  

Please refer to the section and number of print when inquiring. For example, the first photograph you see below is 'Haggerty's Mansion 1/10'