About Erik

I am a life-long resident of the South Bay, living in Palos Verdes Estates.  

I have always had a camera in my hand, professionally for years.

Initial mentoring was by my grandfather, a professional photographer who was partnered with Ansel Adams for years.  Additional training began at Chadwick School, studying aspects of film photography and darkroom techniques. Portrait training was a series of classes designed and supervised by Annie Leibovitz. 

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (MEMBER ID: 8540519).

I am fully insured by Lockton Affinity Insurance.

My camera equipment is state-of-the-art. I use the following:

Full Frame Cameras: Sony A7R2  & Sony A7R3 for landscape and portrait

Cropped Sensor Camera: Sony RX10 IV for fast moving objects and wildlife

Outdoor Portrait Lenses: Hasselblad 50mm & 150mm 4.0

Low Light Portrait Lenses: Sigma Art Series 50mm & 85mm 

Landscape Lenses: Sony 12-24 4.0 / Sony 24-70 2.8 / Sony 70-200 2.8 / Sony 100-400 4.5-5.6 Lenses

I have excellent references available upon request and reviews available on my Yelp!.



Voyage LA Magazine

I was interviewed by Voyage LA Magazine who asked me a series a questions about the personal side of my photography. 

I found myself answering immediately from the heart, which evolved into the creation of a very important idea almost immediately afterward. 

Click here to read Voyage LA Magazine article

social media

South Bay Arts District (Facebook Group)

South Bay Arts District is a Facebook group helping support photographers and various types of artists. There is a mix of potential clients, those who stop by to appreciate the work, and those seeking to display and/or sell their work. 

I started the group when I realized there was no social media platform out there that supports the local artist in a way that 'keeps it in their backyard'. It has grown to over a thousand members, staying positive in its role to help others expand their talents and operations on a local level.  It has served as an excellent networking tool along with revealing some of the South Bay's most underrated talent. 

Anyone is welcome to join! 

Click here to visit South Bay Arts District

Erik Jay Photographer Page (Facebook)

Erik Jay Photographer Facebook page is the social media version of the Erik Jay Photographer website. 

The Facebook page is usually updated with various photographs taken throughout the week that are relevant to South Bay local 'scapes'. 

Lots of additional photography and announcements are regularly contributed to the page.

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Various contests, both digitally and print have been awarded over time. 

Some of the awards and contests recently entered are:

Easy Reader Magazine (Contest) - Beach Reporter Magazine (Mention) - Lighthouse Magazine (Contest) - Sunset Magazine (Mention) - South Coast Botanical Gardens Photography (Mention) - Backroad Visions  (Contest) 

Click Here for Easy Reader Magazine Contest Edition



Local Eye: Palos Verdes


‘Local Eye: Palos Verdes’ is the first installment of the ‘Local Eye’ series of books. It will be produced in concert with the development of web and other channels to support and effort to promote community beauty and provide a bridge between artists and those that buy art. 

The initial book is being written by Erik Jay, life-long local of Palos Verdes, professional photographer and local history enthusiast. 

The book will focus on history of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, with an emphasis on a ‘community heritage’, bringing visual compelling focus to why Palos Verdes should respect and retain its history, as well as showcasing new residents and visitors about the community.

Geology can be brought to the reader’s attention and appreciated on a kinesthetic level, bringing excitement to students and enthusiasts. Coupled with geology comes environment, addressing sea life, how to better the health of local coves, responsible tourism and controlled development, bring a new attention to restoration of existing buildings.